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Corporate environmental responsibility isn't just good for the planet, it's important to our people, our customers and makes us a stronger business. We believe "The Glass is Greener" on the Safelite® side.

Our responsibility to the environment means:

  • Thinking green - what can we do?
  • Acting green - how do we do it?
  • Being green - are we always improving?
  • Selling green - is it part of all we do?

For more information, see the Safelite® Environmental Policy.

Social Responsibility
Safelite® is working to roll out windshield recycling nationally.

Damaged windshields
Damaged windshields are collected to be recycled with the help of Shark Glass Recycling.

The process of recycling
New technology has helped to separate the glass and inner plastic layer in a windshield for recycling.

Windshields to be recycled
After windshield materials are recycled they can be used to help produce rugs, paint and plastic products.

Windshield Recycling

Safelite® began windshield recycling efforts in 2012 thanks to new technology from Shark Glass Recycling North America that can separate the glass and plastic layers that make up a windshield. For comparison, the average weight of a single windshield is 35 lbs. Once the initiative is rolled out nationwide, Safelite® expects to save roughly 15,000 to 20,000 tons of damaged windshields each year from entering the landfill.

Once Shark Glass recycles the glass and plastic layers that make up the windshields, the materials are provided to manufacturers who repurpose them for a variety of goods, such as carpeting, fiberglass, insulation, paint / primer, and plastic products.

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