Free front wipers* with windshield replacement Up to $35.00 in savings Enter promo code: FREEWIPERS

Why are my wiper blades important?

Because most driving decisions are based on how well you can see, your wiper blades are critical to your safety. Worn wiper blades can obstruct your view, causing you to make misinformed driving decisions.

When should I replace my wipers?

Many experts recommend replacing your wipers every six months or 6,000 miles, but it’s critical to replace them at the first sign of damage. Having Safelite replace your blades during service is convenient, and it can prevent damage to your brand-new windshield.

Trust the reliability of the Safelite Advantage

Your windshield is a critical part of your vehicle’s safety system. So, you shouldtake care in who you trust to repair or replace it. When you choose Safelite – America and Boise’s vehicle glass specialist – you get the safety and reliability of the Safelite Advantage.

*Offer valid only for front windshield wipers and when scheduling on safelite.com; not valid on insurance claims or commercial/fleet services