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Safelite® Environmental Policy

As America's leading auto glass repair and replacement expert, we need to keep a stringent environmental policy to safeguard the future. Our activities inevitably have an impact upon the environment, both locally and globally, which led us to developing our environmental policy. We believe that reducing our environmental footprint is vital to the continued success and quality the Safelite® brand and the service we provide, and helps us fulfill our social responsibility to care for and protect the environment for future generations.

Our environmental policy commitments

At Safelite®, we will:

  1. Identify, monitor and manage the aspects of our operations that have significant impact on the environment, so we can keep improving our policies.
  2. Comply with all environmental laws and other appropriate requirements, seeking best environmental practice wherever possible.
  3. Prevent pollution from our Safelite® operations.
  4. Be efficient with the resources that we use. This includes energy used in our buildings and for transport, glass, consumables, packaging and water. While maintaining quality, we aim to:

    • Rethink what we use and specify products that minimize environmental damage
    • Reduce what we use
    • Reuse what we can
    • Recycle what’s left
    • Restrict landfill waste to a minimum.

  5. Educate and engage employees with our environmental policy.
  6. Provide the resources, training and information necessary for Safelite® employees to comply with and implement this policy.
  7. Ensure that new activities are consistent with our environmental commitments.
  8. Communicate our environmental commitments to customers, contractors and suppliers.
  9. Respect our neighbors by considering environmental impacts on the communities in which Safelite® companies operate and promoting open dialogue with them.
  10. We review this policy regularly to make sure we’re always doing our best for the environment.

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