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Delivering the best policyholder experience comes down to asking the right questions. 



A more comprehensive auto glass claim for a more complex vehicle

Today’s vehicles are complex. This complexity is partially driven by advanced safety systems, which require sensors and cameras throughout the vehicle. This in turn, creates proliferation of auto glass parts, specific to vehicle makes, models and even trims. For instance, when the windshield needs to be replaced, having specific vehicle information during the claim submission process can help ensure accurate part selection, saving both you and your policyholder a lot of time and frustration.

Over the last decade, complex parts sales have skyrocketed, while identifying those parts has become increasingly difficult. 



The keys to success: Gather the vehicle details first

 Want to ensure a great customer experience? Be sure to ask all the right questions when collecting the information from your policyholder prior to submitting a claim on their behalf:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Make/model/year
  • Policy number 

Package option questions to ensure the right part:

  • Does your vehicle include Lane Keep Assist?
  • Is your vehicle equipped with a Heads-up Display that projects vehicle information, such as speed, onto the windshield?
  • Does your windshield have an obvious blue/purple-colored hue when viewed from the outside looking into the car?


Smooth operator: Scheduling options for claim submission

Agents want their policyholders to experience great service done as quickly as possible. This means sourcing the right part, the first time, and scheduling at the policyholder’s convenience. 

When it comes to submitting a claim, Safelite puts your policyholder in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s online, through a carrier’s app, or over the phone, we’ve created a seamless scheduling process that’s intuitive and flexible, allowing policyholders to save their progress and check in on the status of their job at any point. Safelite’s more than 70 years of experience means your policyholder will enjoy a much smoother process—with less chance for errors or delays—by submitting the claim themselves. 

If choosing to submit a claim on your policyholder’s behalf, ensure you have all the information about their vehicle, including optional features that help identify the proper part. 

On the line
If you opt to submit your policyholder’s name and number with a request for us to call them back, please remind them to answer any calls from an unrecognized number one to three days following the request to ensure they don’t miss our scheduling call. This helps avoid delaying the claims process unnecessarily, which can decrease customer satisfaction.

However you choose to help your policyholder receive auto glass service, give your policyholder the best customer experience by choosing Safelite.