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Smart part selection benefits you and your policyholder


The waiting game

The key to an excellent policyholder experience? Getting it right the first time. Picture this: You sprain your ankle. The doctor’s office can’t locate the correct patient chart, causing treatment delays. You’re probably frustrated, and not very likely to visit that doctor again.

At Safelite AutoGlass, we understand that when your policyholder comes to us for service, they need their auto glass fixed right away. Selecting the right part the first time helps ensure their experience is quick and painless. But selecting the right part is more challenging now than ever before


Needle in the haystack

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly including multiple package options to accommodate customer demand. Today's advanced safety systems also include sensors and cameras mounted to the glass, so it is crucial the correct part is selected for an accurate installation. Technology, such as smart glass, next-generation displays and even silver-infused glass, are now a reality in today’s most advanced windshields. While this technology enhances the driving experience, these new complexities make it much more difficult to select the correct part. When policyholders are unable to correctly identify the features of their vehicle, selecting the correct windshield becomes impossible.


Streamlining success with SPS

In 2016, Safelite introduced a tool called Simple Part Selection (SPS). Using various data sources, SPS enables us to select the correct part using only the VIN. In instances when a data source isn’t available, SPS uses artificial intelligence technology to mine invoice history searching for correlations between VIN patterns and parts. Together, these modules make SPS a very powerful and accurate tool - SPS selects the correct part 99% of the time. So instead of having to pester your policyholder with questions about windshield features or trim level details to identify the right part, we only need to ask one question: What is your VIN?


Better part selection equals higher policyholder retention

When the correct part is selected, we are able to restore your policyholder’s vehicle quickly and correctly.  Quick service without part selection errors means your policyholders will be happier with the experience, which increases the likelihood of them renewing their policy with you. Combine this with the industry’s only nationwide lifetime warranty, and you can rest assured when you choose Safelite on behalf of your policyholders, you’re ensuring they have the best experience possible.