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Extra protection from rain, snow and nighttime glare

Introducing a new safety option, Safelite AutoGlass Rain Defense

Safelite now offers an added layer of protection as we get drivers quickly and safely back on the road. Our new professional grade water-repellent windshield treatment improves visibility and policyholder safety.


Safelite AutoGlass® Rain Defense™ forms a chemical bond with the windshield and seals the microscopic pores in the glass. In doing this, it:

  • Repels rain for improved visibility
  • Reduces glare, especially at night
  • Makes removal of snow, ice and dirt easier
  • Goes on quickly
  • Lasts up to 6 months

Let your policyholders know they can have Safelite AutoGlass Rain Defense added to their windshield service by scheduling their appointment online at

Once the technician completes the repair or replacement, he will apply this professional grade treatment. From prepping the windshield and applying the treatment to drying and buffing the glass, it takes less than 12 minutes. 

Safelite AutoGlass Rain Defense costs $34.99, which includes the windshield treatment, a small can of glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. While the cost is not covered by insurance, recommending this inexpensive product reinforces your role of protecting your policyholders. Plus, it’s already getting rave reviews in pilot markets. Customers have been so satisfied with Safelite AutoGlass Rain Defense that we’ve seen NPS scores increase by two points.

With Safelite AutoGlass Rain Defense, your policyholders will drive away safely and prepared for all types of weather.