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Replace and recalibrate all at once

The simpler, safer way to get your policyholders back on the road.


Making life easier for your policyholders has always been your priority. Today that goes beyond resolving their problems quickly and cost effectively, as safety takes on a new and different meaning in all our lives. 

We work hard to keep your policyholders safe in many ways. It starts with extensive training, certifications and rigorous quality standards for repair and replacement. Also, effective April 20, 2020, we enhanced our care and cleaning process to include a thorough pre- and post-service cleaning of every vehicle to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19. This commitment is reinforced through our observance of National Safety Month. And, since Safelite can replace a windshield and do recalibration in one appointment, we save your policyholder time, hassle, and an extra trip out.

For the growing number of policyholders whose vehicles have advanced safety systems, windshield replacement is a two-part process — installing the new glass then recalibrating the camera connected to the windshield. Most dealerships, body shops and glass repair companies don’t have people with the required training to offer recalibration, which means your policyholders would need a second appointment with another company before their vehicle is safe for them to drive again.

However, Safelite technicians are certified to recalibrate 97% of vehicles on the market today, so replacement and recalibration can happen in a single appointment. Plus, we work with all insurance carriers to make sure recalibration is part of the glass claim.

Today, this type of efficiency is about more than just meeting the needs of busy people. Cutting down trips reduces risk in new, more significant ways, and removes an added burden for policyholders who are essential workers dealing with longer hours and extra shifts.

Plus with Safelite, you know our service is totally contact-free from greeting to payment, and that before and after service we always clean every touchpoint we handle, leaving nothing — seen or unseen — behind in your policyholder’s vehicle.