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Adding even more value to your policyholder relationship  

A better customer experience translates to policyholder renewals

April showers may bring May flowers, but they’re still not fun to drive through. However, the value-added products that Safelite makes available at each service appointment — like our Advanced blade windshield wiper blades — can make the drive safer and easier.

These extra benefits and convenience don’t go unnoticed, either. On average, customer satisfaction scores are four points higher when the technician offers to install new windshield wipers during service, increasing the likelihood of your policyholder renewing their policy.

"We purchased the wipers as an afterthought and they are so much better than the old ones, what a difference!"

- March 2021 Safelite AutoGlass customer

Defense against all the elements

To even further enhance safety and visibility, your policyholders can also add on other Safelite products during their glass service appointment.


   Safelite Rain Defense

  • Water-repellent glass treatment that increases wiper performance, improves visibility, and reduces rain glare
  • Makes snow, dirt and ice easier to remove
  • Lasts up to six months — through car washes, wiper fluid spray and frequent blade use


   Safelite Glass Cleaner

  • Professional grade, streak- and ammonia-free
  • Pleasant smell and strong enough to cut through dirt
  • Cleans easily, dries quickly


Help your policyholder determine whether their policy covers the cost of these products at the time of service. Including products like these during auto glass service means providing your policyholders not just with added safety and convenience, but also with a better customer experience. And that translates to greater policyholder retention for you at renewal time.