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Safelite’s artificial intelligence solution to part selection


Choosing the right vehicle glass has grown exponentially more complex, but our responsibility to the customer remains the same – show up with the right piece of glass the first time, every time.

For example, the 2010 Chevrolet Cruze had just one windshield replacement option. The 2019 Cruze, by contrast, has five windshields available for replacement, based on a bigger variety of safety system configurations and optional package features. Multiply this one example by all the auto makes and models and…you get the picture.

The rapid pace of technological innovation in the auto industry has made it challenging to select the right part when replacement service is needed. Policyholders can’t be expected to accurately identify the exact combo of safety features on their vehicle which often means that we at Safelite are tasked with scheduling appointments and ordering glass without ever seeing the vehicle first-hand.




The challenge

We strive to improve the accuracy of part selection, which reduces the need to reschedule appointments and demonstrates our respect for your customers’ time.


The key insight

Most customers aren’t familiar with the more technical features in their car, like Pedestrian Crash Avoidance Mitigation or Dedicated Short-Range Vehicular Communications Systems — they’re just accustomed to relying on them, like a well-designed app that seamlessly syncs with all your devices. Asking drivers to identify these features so we can select the right parts is confusing for them and introduces a margin of error that’s inefficient and frustrating for everyone.


Our solution

Leveraging years of industry experience, Safelite streamlined the process with a program that maps the vehicle identification number (VIN) to the factory-installed part. In 2018 we added artificial intelligence technology that mines invoice data and matches VIN number patterns to the selected part. Once a definitive pattern is established, that part is automatically selected the next time a vehicle with the same pattern appears. Each subsequent use of the technology adds to its accuracy. Simply put, we pick the right part more often.


The results

Safelite’s AI-driven part selection solution helps us map VIN to part 500,000 more times each year than we could previously, resulting in far fewer part selection errors, and — most importantly — a more efficient, pleasant experience for your customers. That translates into more policy renewals and customer referrals for you.