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Why do wiper blades matter?


Did you know that wiper blades should be replaced every six months? Unfortunately, many drivers fail to have new blades installed regularly. This is a problem because wipers play a key role in preventing scratched glass and improving visibility. But swapping out old blades with any bargain set isn’t an ideal solution for your policyholder’s windshield — or their safety for that matter. 

Beam blades are the better choice

Beam windshield wiper blades aren’t just for high-end luxury vehicles anymore and have become increasingly common over the years — for good reason. Not only do beam blades look great, but their arched structure is also designed for modern, curved windshields.

Safelite AutoGlass® Advanced Beam Blades offer big benefits: 

  • Improved visibility. Memory Curve Steel™ beams provide uniform pressure on front windshields for a clean, clear wipe. 
  • Superior durability. Blades hold up in all types of weather and seasonal changes.
  • Free installation. Our expert technicians can replace wiper blades during your policyholder’s windshield repair or replacement appointment.
  • Increased policyholder satisfaction. When policyholders choose to replace wipers with beam blades, NPS ratings increase two points on average.


When is it time to replace wiper blades?

If your policyholder notices any of the following issues with their wipers, it’s time to have an expert Safelite technician install a new set of beam blades:

  • Splitting. When the sun’s rays penetrate the rubber squeegee, it can break down and separate from the frame.
  • Skipping. This happens when a blade develops a curvature from lack of use.
  • Wearing. After extensive use, rubber edges can become rounded instead of squared.
  • Streaking. This occurs when the rubber squeegee dries, hardens, and cracks.

Don’t let your policyholder wait for the next snowstorm or heavy rainfall to replace old wipers! Share the information above to keep them safe on the road and their windshield crystal clear.