Winter Storm Safety Tips


Winter storms can cause a number of dangerous conditions from cold temperatures, power outages, to coastal flooding and poor roadway conditions. Follow your local news channels for the latest weather and safety information. Here are some general safety tips to help you stay safe and warm when winter weather hits:


1. Keep your vehicles fully fueled. 2. Remember to clear any snow and ice blocking your car’s tailpipe and household exhaust pipes. 3. When you are ready to get back out on the roads again, protect your windshield by only using a plastic ice scraper. Don’t pour hot water on your glass; take time to gradually warm and defrost your windshield. 4. Check to make sure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is full as you may use more than normal to keep your windshield clear while driving. 5. Tires lose traction due to moisture from snow and ice and require more braking distance. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and give yourself more time to stop safely. 6. Keep an emergency kit in your car. In addition to the basics, add an extra blanket, snacks and a portable phone charger.


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1. Prepare for power outages; keep mobile devices plugged in and have fresh batteries for flashlights. 2. If you see a downed power line, assume it is "live" and report it to local authorities. 3. Never use a generator indoors. Position it outside away from vents, windows and doors to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. 4. Shoveling snow can be very strenuous. Take frequent breaks and be aware if you begin not feeling well. Over-exertion can cause heart attacks. 5. In areas where flooding may occur, remember to elevate any items stored on your basement floor and clear clogged rain gutters. 6. Know how to locate the manual release lever on your automatic garage door opener in case the power goes out.

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