Car-Themed Kids Crafts for Rainy Days and More

The rainy weather of spring is on its way, keeping parents and kids alike stuck indoors. It’s probably no coincidence that March is National Craft Month. After all, how else do you entertain your kids when you can’t send them outside to play? In honor of the fun month, we’re sharing some of our favorite car-themed craft projects, perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Car Bingo. Everyone loves a good game of bingo, and makes it fun for the littlest car lovers. It’s a fun activity that can be played both at home or on the go (just make sure another adult or child besides the car driver can call out the matches).

If you’re feeling extra creative, work with your little ones to create their own bingo board, incorporating their favorite cars or easily recognizable car parts. All that’s needed are markers and paper. Draw a bingo board on the paper with five columns and fill in the squares with car-themed drawings.

Paper Plate Cars from Glued to my Crafts. This relatively easy craft project allows your little ones to create their own cars out of items you probably already have lying around the house, like paper plates and tissue paper. No need to run to the craft store for this one!


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Magnet Car Track from Meaningful Mama. This fun craft project in its entirety may be better suited for those a little older, but younger kids will enjoy playing with the finished product. Let your little ones use their imagination to create a race track and their own car – either on thicker cardstock paper or a paper plate. Then, help them to cut out the car and glue a magnet on the back of it. Next, use a popsicle stick and attach another magnet onto it. Make sure that you are attaching the magnets in the correct way so they attract and stick to one another.

Once done, your kids can use the popsicle stick to control the car on the track from underneath it. It’s a great craft that allows them not only to create something unique, but play with it for hours after!

Apple and Grape Snacks from Crafty Morning. Don’t limit your car time to just crafts. Your little ones will love themed snack time, and parents will love how easy this apple and grape snack is. Simply slice an apple and grapes, then lay the apple slice upside down. Then, stick toothpicks through on each end, sticking one grape on each end to mimic tires.

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