Car Pet Cleaning Tips


Fall is here! Along with the beautiful foliage, the cozy sweaters and of course, delicious pumpkin everything, comes our introduction to winter weather: rain, mud, frost and even some snow. Of course, when you have a pet, they don’t want to stop the car rides and playing outside, no matter what the weather is like. Luckily, with a little bit of preparation, your pet can enjoy outside time and car rides, and you can keep your car clean. Check out our tips below.

Be Prepared

The best tip to keeping your car clean when riding with your pets is to be prepared. Overly prepared, if possible. Keep extra everything in your car – towels, blankets, brushes and whatever other tools you use to clean your dog. Even if it’s a beautiful, sunny day out, having extra towels and tools available is key, because every pet owner knows that a pet’s ability to find a muddy spot or puddle and get dirty is second to none.

Use Seat Covers.

Whether it’s an official pet seat cover you find at a store or online or just some old towels, covering your seats before your pet hops inside is key to keeping the upholstery clean. No matter how much you clean your pet before they hop in, or how much you try to avoid mud, the possibility of your pet leaving behind hair or mud on your seats is high. Let them leave the dirt on towels, car covers or sheets that can be easily washed.


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Keep Pets in One Area

If you can and your pet is comfortable inside it while moving, bring their kennel to keep them contained while driving. It can help to contain the mess by keeping them in one place, because they are less likely to be able to spread the dirt.

Clean Fido before He Joins You

If your pet gets dirty before you have to head home, the best way to combat bringing the mess home with you is to try to clean up as much as possible before they hop inside the car. Give your pet a quick pat down with a towel to try to remove as much loose dirt and mud as possible. Depending on where you are with your pet, you may have access to a hose or water source that you can use on your pet. If they are extra dirty, you may want to take advantage and give them a quick spray of water. No hose, but a muddy pet? Keep an extra bottle of water in the car for use!

When You Get Home

Like all cleaning tasks, this one is best tackled as soon as possible. Once you get home, vacuum the area where your pet was to remove additional dirt and pet hair. If you don’t want to drag out the vacuum, try using a lint roller or even packing tape.


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