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Let's Ride: How Long It Would Take to Repair Furious 7 Auto Glass

By Safelite // May 12, 2015

It doesn’t matter if the damage is an inch or a mile, damage is damage. As they race through the streets at top speeds, it’s probably easy to assume the cars of the hit movie Furious 7 are invincible. But actually, in the making of the movie, 230 cars were destroyed! Imagine if you were responsible for replacing the auto glass on all those cars. We did the math and figured out how much time it would it take either a single Safelite mobile technician or a fleet of Safelite MobileGlassShops™ to replace all the auto glass for that many Dodge Chargers (the car of choice for Dom, the movie’s main character).

Can you imagine how long it would take to replace all 230 cars from the new movie Furious 7? Safelite calcuated the time it would take to replace all broken windows on set.

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