Step by Step Windshield Repair Process

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Have you ever wondered how the Safelite windshield repair process works? We know it might seem like a quick, easy process, because our technicians arrive wherever you are, complete their job and are off again to their next appointment, but it’s actually a detailed, step by step process.

Our technicians use some of the most advanced and proven adhesives in the windshield repair process, ensuring added strength to your windshield. As you’re driving and a rock or other road debris makes contact with your windshield and results in a chip, a typical repair kit is recommended to fix BB chips, bullseye chips, stars or flower chips.

Check out the infobyte below to see exactly how technicians work their magic!

Here are the steps a Safelite technician takes to repair your cracked windshield.

Here’s our Step by Step Process when you need to know how to repair a windshield:

Step 1: Prepare the Vehicle. Cover the hood and the seats to protect them during the repair. The chip is often spread to the inner layer of plastic, which is seen between two layers of glass. In some cases, a drill is needed to ensure a clean passage to the plastic, where the resin is injected.

Step 2: Clean the Chip. At Safelite, our technicians use an exclusive primer that cleans the surface, as well as a tool named RAS 123 that vacuums the air from broken glass so that resin can reach into the thousands of micro cracks. Make sure you’re in dry weather so no water gets trapped in the glass, and avoid using window cleaner that could peel the paint as it dribbles down the glass.

Step 3: Inject with Exclusive Glass Healer Resin. Safelite AutoGlass’ exclusive resin has been proven by an independent lab to be stronger and longer lasting than other resins and adhesives. You want the resin to be high quality as this is the aspect of the repair process that is injected to fill and seal the damage during the process. The better the resin, the stronger and more durable the repaired windshield will be.

Step 4: The Curing Process. After the resin is injected, it is then cured with a UV lamp. To avoid failure of the repair, complete curing is extremely important. After the injection, resin needs to be exposed to UV light to complete this process. Setting the UV light to a particular wavelength helps to avoid shrinkage of the glass (and thus a repair failure where more expensive work will be necessary). Our UV lamp produces stronger and better-looking repairs.

Step 5: Polish and Clean the Windshield. Any excess resin should be scraped off gently as polish is applied to smooth it out.
There you have it! A tedious process, but when done right, can have lasting effects on the strength of your windshield. To avoid more expensive projects, put your trust in the professional technicians that fix your windshield crack and show you step by step how to repair a windshield.


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