Fun Summer Activities to do in your Car Without Driving

When June and July hit, chances are you’ll be spending more time in your car than usual. If you have kids, it’s back and forth to activities, and if you don’t, it’s back and forth to your own summer fun, road trips and much more. Sure, it’s great that you can roll the windows down and enjoy the warm weather, but sometimes it’s fun to do summer activities in the car that aren’t driving.

That’s right, there’s plenty of things to do in the summer using your car without ever having to leave the driveway – especially if you have a SUV or minivan. Check out some of our ideas:

Drive-In Movie Theatre

Okay, we know that technically you may have to drive to take advantage of this one, but there’s nothing more nostalgic than going to the drive-in. Find your local drive-in movie theatre, pick a summer blockbuster you’re dying to see and enjoy it along with some popcorn, candy and the stars.

No drive-in nearby? You can easily recreate the experience at home. If you have a projector, project a movie onto a flat, large surface like a garage door and sit in the car to watch. If your car has a built-in TV screen, you can use that to watch a movie or even TV show – and if your car doesn’t, it’s just as easy to bring a portable DVD player or even iPad into the space.

Picnic Lunch or Dinner

This activity is especially fun if you have a SUV or minivan, because you can put the seats down and set up a fun picnic meal. Pack a meal of items that won’t cause a huge mess – sandwiches, crackers, fruit, water (no colored juice!), lay down some napkins or a big towel and enjoy a meal in a unique setting. If you want, you can drive to a fun area like a state park or even a local park, eat your meal and then let your kids explore and take advantage of any playgrounds you find.


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Car Wash

There’s nothing more quintessential than a car wash during the summer. It’s a great way to get a task done, while enjoying the warm weather and outdoors. Make it a family activity and get everyone involved: designate those who can help with washing the car and those who should rinse and dry, and be sure to check out our tips on how to wash your car like a pro.


A car sleepover with the kids is the perfect activity if you have a car, minivan or SUV where the seats can be put down – otherwise it might be a little cramped! Bring sleeping bags, blankets and pillows and set up an area to sleep. Make sure that you crack the windows or leave the back door open so that there is plenty of area and it’s a safe activity!


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