60 Seconds With Safelite Technicians Damien and La'i

In this month’s special 60-second employee spotlight, we spoke with two of our Hawaiian technicians who were visiting our Columbus headquarters and shared with us about their work.  

Technicians La’i, who has worked for Safelite for 20 years, and Damien, who is coming up on two years with Safelite, were part of a small group of team members who made the trip to attend the Ohio State and Hawaii college football game.

Hawaiian employees Damien, La'i, Wayne and Mike attended a recent football game in Columbus. 

What is one of your favorite customer experiences? 

La’i: When I saved a customer about $300. He thought that his windshield was cracked but the previous owner had the entire windshield tinted. It was just a scratch in the tint not a crack in the windshield. The customer was relieved to save the money and even more grateful for our honesty.

What are some things that people might not know about working for Safelite in Hawaii? 

La’i: We don’t “work” in Hawaii, we get things done. Plus we have the best weather on the planet.

Damien: Other than Safelite, there are no major vehicle glass distributors in Hawaii so we are the customers’ best bet in having the right part ready!

Fun facts from Damien: -People drive with Aloha in Hawaii, which means they often concede the right of way. -And did you know? It rains almost every day in Hawaii.


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What characteristics or qualities do you think are most important for being a successful technician? 

Damien: I think that being a successful technician is all about communication, respect, integrity, and teamwork. Having all of this will take you to the top.

La’i: A smile, willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Most of all, never let the glass beat you.

What's your favorite part of your job? 

Damien:  My favorite part of my job is getting to meet different kinds of people every day and getting to know them. I like when I'm in a grocery store and a customer I did a job for sees me and waves at me or asks how everything's going. That's what makes my job so much more fun and exciting.

La’i: Sharing my experience with the trainees and my fellow techs. Most of all being a part of a successful and great company all these years.

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