60 Seconds with Safelite Technician David T.

If you’ve talked with any of our auto glass technicians, chances are you know they’re car lovers. That’s why they truly appreciate working on customers’ cars. We hope you enjoy our monthly spotlight… where you get to hear first-hand from our techs  about their daily lives.

Name: David T.

Job Title: In-Shop Lead Tech

No. of Years at Safelite5

What do you do for Safelite? Inventory management, glass installation

How did you get started as a technician? While living in Virginia I came across Safelite who at the time was advertising their glass work on cars. I’ve always been interested in cars as well as tinkering on my own so I felt as if it would be a great fit. I worked my way from the warehouse into the technician position and have loved it ever since.

What’s the best thing about being a technician? I enjoy seeing all of the different model cars and trucks that come into our shop. All of the guys who I work with have the same passion for vehicles like myself so we are able to talk cars nonstop, which makes the day fly by.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had at Safelite? After working on the road as a mobile tech and posting top-level performance metrics, I was given the opportunity to come in-shop and become a lead tech. It’s been the most memorable due to Safelite giving me the ability to pass along my knowledge to younger techs and watch our market grow.


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Do you have a favorite customer experience? Two years ago I was out on a glass replacement in Suffolk, VA. The customer who met me outside told me that after the installation he had a very cool car collection to show me. Upon completion of the job we toured his custom car garage that had everything from a ’57 Chevrolet to a 2014 Stingray. It was a great day as you don’t often get to see cars like he had in mint condition.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about? I love riding my Harley motorcycle and helping a friend rebuild a custom Hot Rod.

Just for fun: What’s your dream car? If I could have any car it would have to be a Ford GT!! People often get it confused with the Ford Mustang but it is much nicer and much more powerful than any other Ford car out there.

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