Safelite AutoGlass Makes Boys & Girls Ranches of Alabama a Top Priority


Safelite AutoGlass believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Each year, our charitable foundation allots $175,000 to be distributed across each of the 10 regions annually for local leaders to support area charitable organizations of their choice. This year, thanks to our annual Charity Golf Classic, we are able to donate an additional $20,000 to 10 separate charities, spread across each of our 10 regions.

Our East region chose the Boys & Girls Ranches of Alabama to receive its $20,000 donation.

Safelite AutoGlass Regional Vice President Dan B. and District Leader Scott F. recently presented the check to Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama CEO Nick Rauccio and Sheriff Mike Hale.

“We take for granted that our own children can go to bed at night without fear of abuse. But, 75% of our girls were sexually abused and 80% of our boys were physically abused when they came to us,” Rauccio said. “We feed, clothe, and provide a safe, family environment for these kids. We don’t take government money, we raise every penny ourselves. None of what we are able to provide for these kids would be possible without the kind of generosity Safelite AutoGlass has shown us here today.”

The Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama plan to use the grant to multiply fundraising opportunities. Their board anticipates a return of $300,000 from the application of this grant and look forward to reporting back an exact amount raised by the start of fourth quarter of 2017.


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Safelite AutoGlass first became supporters of the Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama as sponsor of their 2016 Corn Hole Tournament.

“When we saw the passion that folks had for this long-standing charitable organization, we, as a market, decided to make the children of Alabama our focus going forward,” Scott explained. “I was invited to tour one of the ranches and was so humbled and moved by the spirit of these kids, it became clear that it would be a great opportunity for the Birmingham market to give back and bring the Safelite Spirit to these kids.”

Since then, Safelite AutoGlass has helped co-sponsor a variety of fundraisers for the Ranches and the local team has used paid-days off work to volunteer there. The Alabama team has really embraced this charity.

“It really felt great that we as a company can help the children that are in need of help,” said Customer Advocate Heather M. “To hear Sheriff Hale and Nick talk gave me chills because you really overlook how fortunate you are to have what you have and I just can’t understand how adults can abuse and neglect children that are so defenseless. I am really proud to work for a company that cares and helps our community.”

Our local store leader Chris B. added, “This really made me proud to be a part of a company that can help bring real change in other peoples’ lives.” And store manager Parish H. agreed. “This grant helped my family and I personally in deciding where we will give back from now on. My wife can’t wait to get out to meet the kids at the ranches.”

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