Charity Spotlight: Safelite Employee Sabra Shines In Safelite Challenge

Meet Sabra T. She’s an Area Sales Manager for Safelite in Colorado and also a first time fundraiser and participant in this year’s Safelite Challenge.

What is the Safelite Challenge?

Each year, hundreds of Safelite employees nationwide participate in a triathlon event in Las Vegas. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Afrika Tikkun, an organization that helps transform communities by caring for vulnerable children and orphans, as well as providing job training for young adults in South Africa.

This year, the Safelite Challenge donated $320,000 to Afrika Tikkun – Sabra worked to fundraise $4,805 of that donation for her 5K walk!


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“It was amazing to see how passionate Safelite is about helping on a global basis and just helping others,” said Sabra.

As a first time participant Sabra wasn’t sure what to expect from the event but after seeing the impact the organization has had on the lives of these children she is ecstatic for next year. She said it was inspiring to meet four young men and women who came across the world to participate in the Safelite Challenge and shared their stories of benefitting from the cause.

“It is always so rewarding to be a part of something bigger than yourself, or even your company.”


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