A Challenge for Charity - All About the Safelite Challenge


Each year, Safelite hosts a weekend in Lake Las Vegas known as the Safelite Challenge. Leading up to the challenge, participants raise funds to benefit Afrika Tikkun, an organization that provides disadvantaged South African children with cradle to career development programs to give them a better quality of life. In addition to these programs, the organization also provides meals and primary healthcare. Afrika Tikkun has helped thousands of children since being founded in 1995.

The Challenge is always a highly anticipated spring event. Check out our play-by-play of the fun filled weekend.

Noon on Friday: Challengers begin to arrive! The scenery of Lake Las Vegas is amazing and has everyone excited. Participants are checking-in, heading straight to the resort pool after, or catching a taxi to check out the infamous Las Vegas strip.

7-8PM: The kick-off event! The Challenge officially gets started with some words from the Safelite Challenge team. Details of the weekend are given and the Afrika Tikkun kids are introduced. After the kick-off, we’re off to bed as events start bright and early on Saturday morning.

5:15-6AM on Saturday: The day is finally here! Challengers assemble in the lobby for coffee and snacks before boarding busses to head to Lake Mead.

6:30AM: Arrive at Boulder Beach - Lake Mead. The sights are stunning, as the entire lake is surrounded by mountains. Competitors are stretching and getting ready for their events. The events include a 5K run, fun walk, Duathlon or Triathlon; something for everyone!

7:30-8AM: We’re off to the races! All events have begun and the atmosphere is electric. Everyone has brought their best Safelite spirit and cheering each other on. Crossing the finish line is rewarding no matter the event!


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10:30-Noon: We’ve worked up quite the appetite, so it’s time for brunch. This is a great opportunity to laugh and talk about the morning’s events.

12:30-5PM: Free time to hit the pool, spa, or take a nap! The resort has options for boat rentals, kayaking and paddle boarding. The popular water slide competition was also a hit this year.

6:30-10PM: Dinner and awards celebration. The highlight of the weekend! Challengers bond over a great meal and weekend. The kids from Afrika Tikkun make impactful speeches about how the organization has made a huge difference in their lives. It was a moving moment and not a dry eye in the house. This is what the weekend is all about. After dinner and speeches, winners of the Challenge events are announced and given their awards. The fastest male and female are heading to London in September to compete in the Spirit of Belron Challenge. Closing remarks are made and several take to the dance floor. No one expected moves that good! The night winds down and we say our goodbyes….until next year.

The Safelite Challenge was a complete success in 2018, raising a record amount of $380,000 for Afrika Tikkun. There were a total of 516 Safelite participants; the most the competition has seen. Thank you to all who participated, donated and supported!

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