Safelite Team Gives Back to Lubbock, TX Charity

Safelite team gives back to local charity

At Safelite, we wouldn’t exist without the support of our communities. That’s why we make it a priority to help those who need it most.

In November, our Lubbock, Texas team delivered goods and supplies they collected from a donation drive to Lubbock Impact, a local charity.

“We had a great time getting to meet Lubbock Impact’s Director Wanda Brunson, Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Wallace and the fine folks on this team as well as learn more about their organization and what they do in service of our community,” said Safelite Store Manager Tim Givens.

Lubbock Impact is passionate and dedicated to aiding the underprivileged community members by providing them with food, hygiene products, sleeping bags and clothing. They support soup kitchens and offer free medical services to those in need through their partnership with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

“Though the strain of COVID-19 made normal operations difficult for Wanda and her team, they found new and innovative ways to ensure that those who came seeking aid or a hot meal needs did not go unmet,” Tim added. “Stephanie and her team were definitely touched that we took the time to deliver these items and meet with them as well as volunteer our support and time where needed. Our team was equally touched and grateful for the opportunity. We look forward to the continued work we will do together in service of the Lubbock community.”

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