5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Driven By Love


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Are you ready?

We’re here to help you go beyond the typical chocolate and flowers. Give your car-loving sweetheart a gift that shows you really know them. You don’t have to give us credit for the idea, but just remember who helped you out with your love life the next time you need a windshield replaced. Here's our list of the top car-themed Valentine's Day gift ideas.

  1. Give your sweetheart a portable jump starter so they’ll never find themselves in a pickle with a dead battery again. Plus, if he or she doesn’t have to wait around for someone to show up with jumper cables, they’ll be home to you a lot more quickly!
  1. If your wallet’s starting to hurt from all those date nights out, try planning a date night at home with these top car flicks.

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  1. Lots of cars have dents and scratches that go unnoticed, but when it’s on your own car, it’s definitely noticeable. Relieve your loved one of dent anguish by treating their car to a day at the spa for dent and scratch removal or window chip repair.
  1. Keeping the car clean can be a pain if you never have enough quarters to vacuum. Give the gift of a portable hand vacuum, so your sweetheart never has to go quarter diving in the seats again.
  1. Custom car mats are a great way to say “I love you.” Literally. Or, you can customize with their name, favorite color or favorite sports team. The options are endless.

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