9 Great Pieces of Driving Advice from Dad


Dads: they’re always there when you need them; willing to lend a helping hand or teach a valuable lesson. They’re there for you at every stage of life and there’s no exception when it comes time to hand over the car keys. Just in time for Father’s Day, we asked 9 real dads around the office for their best driving advice for first time drivers.

  1. “To avoid headlight glare from oncoming vehicles with brights on, look down toward the right shoulder of the road and follow the painted line until the vehicle passes.” – Jared D.
  2. “Never argue with a police officer.” – Tim S.
  3. “Put your cell phone on Do Not Disturb mode.” – Elliott A.
  4. “Keep your head on a swivel, keep your eye’s forward most of the time but keep looking around.” – Bruce M.
  5. “There is no text message, cup of coffee or facepage update worth taking your eyes off the road.” – Brian W.
  6. “Start early and put in as much practice with your permit as possible. Use your mirrors.” – John H.
  7. “One of the most important things to teach any first time driver is not to be distracted. There are a lot of different ways that kids get distracted, with the biggest being cell phones, and it’s not just texting... it’s playing music, an app or even dropping your phone and trying to reach for it.” – Mike F.
  8. “The car doesn’t move until all the seat belts are fastened.” – Marc S.
  9. “Be vigilant of other cars in case you have to take defensive action.” – Brandon L.

In true dad fashion, some were serious and some were cheesy, but we love them regardless. So, here’s to you, dad! Thanks for giving us the tools an advice to drive to success. Wishing all the dads a very happy Father’s Day!  

*These tips are not endorsed, or being provided as should follow rules*

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