5 Mom-Friendly Vehicle Features


Moms, we know you work hard every day. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing our top 5 mom-friendly vehicle features. These essentials save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. You can thank us later.  

  1. In-car vacuum

    Between crumbs and dirt from your kid’s adventures, the mess inside your van can pile up pretty quickly. In-car vacuums make cleanup a lot easier since you can vacuum right when the mess happens. Say goodbye to clunky car wash vacuums that, honestly, probably don’t suck up much.

  2. Built in cooling chamber

    Whether you’re road-tripping, hauling the kids to practice or grocery shopping, having snacks on-hand is a must for kids (and, let’s be honest, adults) of all ages. Drive-thrus and convenience store can get expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Have your family’s favorite snacks on the ready and save yourself from hangry children.

  3. Hands-free lift gate

    We’ve all experienced this. Your hands are full when you reach the car and you spend the next few minutes fumbling around trying to figure out how to open the trunk. If that sounds familiar, this one’s for you. A life saver for shopping, your trunk automatically opens when you trigger the sensor, making piling in grocery bags with a toddler in tow as easy as pie.                                                               


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  4. Split screen entertainment system

    In-car TVs are a great addition to any mom car, at least until little ones start arguing over what movie to watch. With split screen entertainment systems, you can appease all ages and interests. Problem. Solved.

  5. In floor storage
    Extra storage is a must when traveling with tiny tikes. Between diaper bags, strollers and other essentials, space can get limited in your vehicle.  In floor storage is also a great option for stowing anything that might make a mess in your car like sandy beach toys, sports equipment, or muddy shoes

These 5 must-have car features are sure to make your everyday life a little simpler. Now get back to relaxing and enjoy your Mother's Day, moms!

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