Replacing Your Vehicle Inspection Sticker

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During glass replacement service, your inspection sticker may be removed. In some cases, our technicians are not able to reapply the inspection sticker to new glass, or your state may automatically require a new inspection sticker anytime your vehicle’s windshield is replaced.

If you do need a new inspection sticker, here is what you need to know.

What is a vehicle inspection?

Vehicle Inspection is a government inspection that ensures that vehicles meet safety and/or emissions regulations.

What is an inspection sticker?

Once a vehicle passes inspection, an Inspection Sticker is issued, and it must be placed on the inside of the windshield as evidence of a completed vehicle inspection. Keep in mind that police can enforce the inspection law by seeing whether the vehicle displays an up-to-date inspection sticker.

Can you remove my sticker and reapply it to my new glass?

Our technicians will do their best to re-apply the same sticker, so you do not have to order a new one. But if they are unable to remove and reattach the inspection sticker to the new glass, or your state law prohibits the reapplication of the sticker, you will be responsible for replacing it.

How do I get a new Inspection Sticker?

Visit learn more about your state’s specific laws regarding inspection stickers or to order a new inspection sticker.

How long does it take to receive my replacement inspection sticker?

Typically, the process of getting the replacement sticker takes 3-5 business days, although this can vary by state.

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