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Whether you have a newer vehicle or something older, you need it to get you from point A to point B.

You need it to be safe. As an industry leader in auto glass replacement, Safelite provides the highest quality windshield replacement services for our customers.

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Quality auto glass replacement services

We help millions of car owners every year with windshield replacement, assisting drivers of most make and models find a new windshield at an affordable price. When you turn to us for your windshield replacement, you can expect:

Trained, certified auto glass replacement technicians

All of our replacement specialists complete extensive classroom and hands-on training in our SafeTech® certification program.

Top-quality materials for windshield replacements

Our skilled technicians use the best materials for windshield replacement, ensuring a quality windshield installation. For all cracked windows and windshields, the quality glass proves to be durable and efficient to increase your safety on the road. 

The industry’s only national lifetime warranty

For the quality of auto glass we use to replace your windshield, Safelite is proud to feature the industry’s only nationwide lifetime warranty. 


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How do you replace a windshield?

We take pride in our ability to provide quick and painless window and windshield replacement services that leave you safe on the road. At Safelite, we use an extensive process that ensures no step is missed as we replace your windshield.

When you come to us for a windshield installation, our technicians will take the below steps:

  1. The technician will walk you through the service of removing, replacing, and installing a new windshield.
  2. The technician will then completely remove the old windshield.
  3. Using the most advanced primers and adhesives on the market, as well as our innovative TrueSeal® Technology, the technician will insert a new windshield for most vehicles.
  4. The technician will clean all of the windows and vacuum any broken glass out of your vehicle.
  5. The technician will tell you about the 30-45 minute drive-away-time adhesive, which allows you to drive away quickly and safely.

For all minor chips, our windshield repair services help ensure the chips are fixed at little to no cost. 

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Other replacement services we offer include side window replacement and rear windshield replacement.

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How long to replace a windshield?

In many cases, windshield repairs can be performed in 30 minutes or less. Windshield replacements will often take 60 minutes or less; however, we recommend that you do not drive the vehicle for at least one hour after service is completed. Schedule service online today.

Additional Safelite services

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