Unexpected Cracks and Unusual Replacements

Something that sets Safelite apart from other windshield repair companies is our flexibility in making sure that your windshield services happen when it is convenient to you. If it is inconvenient to bring your vehicle to one of our 500 auto glass shops nationwide, Safelite has over 5,000 MobileGlassShops that are ready to travel to your location and repair or replace your windshield on site!


One time and place you absolutely do not want to discover a crack in your windshield is after a game. Imagine leaving the stadium with your spirits high from your team’s epic victory, entering the parking lot, navigating the crowds to the much-desired parking spot, and discovering a large football-shaped crack in your windshield.

Jim, one of our technicians, was called out to our very own OSU Stadium, where our favorite team, the OSU Buckeyes, play. Go Buckeyes!

Safelite AutoGlass sponsors OSU Buckeyes Football

We may never know if it truly was a pass gone awry or simply a fan of the other team blowing off steam post-game that caused the damage, but Safelite was able to send one of our MobileGlassShops to the football stadium parking lot and make the repair on-site.

One thing to consider when attending a game at a stadium is parking further away from the stadium to avoid damage to your windshield. Unruly fans of the losing team or even fly balls gone over the wall are potential aggressors toward your windshield. Maybe walking few extra minutes can save you a crack in your auto glass.


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As It Is Above, It is Below

When trying to imagine where the causes of broken and damaged windshields come from, most of the time we imagine that they are projectiles from above. It could be road debris or even baseball-sized hail falling from the sky. However, the causes of windshield damage can really come out of the places we least expect it.

Another technician, Shawn T., may have thought it would be a normal day when called out on a repair. Little did he know that he would take his MobileGlassShop and drive 1 mile underground to a coal mine. No clear skies down there.

Clearly, no amount of the Earth’s crust can stop our technicians from making the repair in a location that is convenient to you. Watch out for falling coal!

A Celebrity Windshield by Any Other Name… Is Still a Windshield

You may think that celebrities have it easy, but in reality, they suffer from the same in conveniences that ordinary people experience. They get flat tires, parking tickets, and yes… even suffer from a broken or cracked windshield!

Richard J. was called and drove out to the house of Modern Family star Jessie Ferguson for mobile windshield services, and apparently he was a very cool guy. Another windshield technician, Crystal M., drove out to Farm Bureau and repair the windshield of country music star, Jake Owen.

What could be more fitting than for a windshield technician to drive onto the International Speedway for a repair? Our very own Allen M., was called out to Daytona Beach and made the repair in the pits for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Safelite is happy to treat anyone with a broken or chipped windshield as a celebrity with our MobileGlassShops, especially if that celebrity is a vehicle itself. William C. must still be dreaming about the technology necessary to repair a windshield for the Grave Digger. Luckily, his charge was to repair a windshield at the shop where the monster truck lives.

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It does not matter the location, Safelite AutoGlass® is able to service 95% of US drivers in all 50 states and when your windshield is damaged or broken, do not let distance be the reason you delay your windshield repair or replacement.

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