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Welcome to an exciting new chapter of Safelite — one where our Safelite Spirit is powering amazing possibilities, and helping us improve experiences for our associates, our customers and our clients. Our plan for the road ahead starts here, and just like everything we do, we’ll make it happen by working together.


Is how we'll get there.

There are four major components of Uniquely Safelite. Two established strengths, Our Commitment and Only Safelite, and two developing strengths, Modernize and a New Leadership Mindset.


Our commitment

We remain committed to our purpose and vision. Our Safelite Spirit is the personality of our associates — going above and beyond what’s asked. Our two strategic pillars of People Powered and Customer Driven will continue to be the lenses we look through to make decisions, with the addition of Safety becoming an important cultural imperative.

People Powered

Only Safelite

These are the competitive advantages that set us apart. Only Safelite can offer the strength of our national footprint, industry partnerships, unparalleled experience and knowledge, and recalibration services. We also set ourselves apart with our commitment to sustainability, giving back to our communities, and furthering our investments in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.



Innovation is inherent in our story, and our next step will keep us uniquely prepared for whatever the future holds. That includes staying ahead of industry trends, updating our platforms and processes to make work easier, and gaining a full view of the customer journey to offer more seamless experiences.

Leadership Mindset

Leadership mindset

To continue to grow as a business, we need to think about how we can grow as individuals. That will mean thinking beyond our own functional teams, departments and regions, and adopting an organizational leadership mindset. Using our diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences to help us inspire and embrace change. That requires shifting our thinking from focusing on what’s now to what’s next.


Forward together.

Uniquely Safelite means that every interaction matters, whether it’s with an associate, a customer or a client. That means holding ourselves to a higher standard to help us reach the next level, working more united and without the divisions that held us back. This isn’t about asking you to do more than you’re doing — it’s about all of us creating greater possibilities together.  Because we are now part of something bigger.


Just getting started.

Our next chapter begins here. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more on Uniquely Safelite and what it means to you.

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Introducing Uniquely Safelite

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