Is Windshield Repair More Cost-Effective Than Replacement?

Windshield Repair is cheaper than replacement

Should anything unfortunate happen to your car or truck, the cost of making repairs can quickly add up. Whether the damage occurred while driving on the road or simply because your vehicle was in the wrong place at the wrong time, the extent of the damage to your auto glass can give you an indication of what you potentially will be spending to maintain or replace your vehicle glass.

Repair Now, Worry Never!

As a result of our 65 years of services, Safelite firmly believes that is in the best interest of the vehicle owner to opt for a windshield repair as soon as possible because the chip can turn into a crack at any time and the windshield is an integral part of your vehicle’s safety system.

Small windshield chip

If you wait for the damage to grow or the auto glass cracks while driving, the potential damage from such a surprise could be astronomical. In reality, repairing a windshield helps prevent future damage and costs that may stem from not being able to see out of your windshield. Getting into an accident because you could not see is a sure-fire way to raise your insurance premiums and is a huge liability.

Large windshield crack that will require replacement

Speaking of liability, you may wonder if your insurance premiums will increase for filing an auto glass claim. Luckily, insurance companies typically cover the full cost of a repair, at no cost to you or raising your insurance rates

Safelite is the only auto glass repair services with a nationwide, lifetime warranty for windshield repairs. This warranty extend for as long as your own or lease the vehicle, so the repaired windshield continues to crack, Safelite will credit you or your insurance company toward the cost of a replacement.


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Read more about why you should repair a chipped windshield and how easy those chips can develop into a larger problem.

DIYers Beware

If you are an auto enthusiast or love to work on your own car, you may be tempted to purchase a DIY windshield repair kit. This maybe to avoid spending money on a professional service or part of our auto care hobby, but there several reasons why a DIY kit can end up costing you more money in the long run.

DIY windshield repair is not a guaranteed fix

Safelite employs auto glass experts trained and certified on our precision technology that is meant to minimize the appearance of the damage so your windshield is clear for you to drive with. We use the most technologically advanced resin to accomplish this; DIY kits cannot make this sort of guarantee. Because of the technology used, Safelite repairs follow state vehicle inspection best practices as well as lease turn-back specifications.

If your do-it-yourself repair is not clear, or the crack continues to grow, you could get yourself in a cycle of purchasing DIY kits that only cause you to buy more DIY kits. Avoid the vicious spending cycle altogether and read more on why DIY windshield repair kits are not cost-efficient.  Repair your windshield the right way first, using windshield repair professional because Safelite cannot repair any auto glass that has been compromised by other windshield sealant. If the do-it-yourself repair is not done correctly, Safelite can only replace the windshield.


When it’s time to replace…

There may come a time when your windshield crack becomes too big or you accumulate too many chips to remain safe while driving. While replacing a windshield is more costly than a repair, Safelite has several ways to help its customers reduce the out-of-pocket costs when a replacement is needed.

Auto glass technician expertly installing a new windshield on site

Safelite works with most of the nation’s major and smaller insurance companies to file an auto glass claim to cover most of the cost of replacement, though you may have to pay like any deductible. If you are not paying through insurance, Safelite will replace your windshield according to the exact make and model of your vehicle. At this point, you may choose between Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass, which comes directly from the car manufacturer, and Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glass. This auto glass is made the exact same standards as those from the original manufacturer, but is significantly cheaper. Regardless of which product you choose, Safelite auto glass meets all federal, industry, and safety standards so you are not caught with a faulty windshield that could break or incur costs on your vehicle because they are below safety standards.

With the Safelite Advantage warranty on both repairs and replacements, you can rest-assured that Safelite’s auto glass services were designed to give you the option to save money in the long run. Don’t wait, call Safelite today to prevent your car from racking up costs that are easily prevented.

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