How much does auto glass cost? 

When you experience damaged auto glass, cost is probably the first thing you think about

We offer a variety of payment options, plus we work with most insurance providers.

What’s the average auto glass service estimate?

In some cases, your repair or replacement could cost you $0!

Will my auto insurance policy cover my auto glass service?

Yes! We partner with hundreds of insurance companies and will even verify your coverage and file your claim so you can stress less. 

And as long as you have comprehensive coverage, you’ll only be responsible for paying your deductible – all other repair or replacement costs will be covered. 

Plus, in most cases, filing an insurance claim to repair or replace your vehicle glass won’t cause your comprehensive coverage premium to go up. Any premium increases by your insurance provider would generally happen only in extreme situations, like if you filed multiple windshield replacement claims over the span of a few months.

Can I pay on my own for my auto glass service?

Yes! If you don’t want to use your insurance, or if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, we offer competitive prices to make your service more affordable so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

Depending on your vehicle and the extent of the glass damage, a repair could be as low as $77.00 and a replacement, $223*. Get a free, no-commitment quote to find out how much your vehicle glass service will cost.


*Repair and replacement prices vary depending on service location. Prices shown do not include tax, recycling fees, recalibration, or additional services. 

What else affects glass service cost?

windshield replace


Many factors can play into your vehicle glass repair or replacement cost. These include:

  • The size of the damage
  • Where the damage is located
  • Your vehicle’s year/make/model
  • Required recalibration after windshield replacement if your vehicle has advanced driver safety features

Convenient payment options

Whether paying on your own or paying your insurance deductible, you can use any of the following methods. We accept payment anytime from scheduling to at service completion.

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • All major credit cards
  • PayPal

Payment Methods

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