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No chips, cracks or streaks

New wiper blades add value to windshield work.


Our commitment to safety doesn’t stop with the integrity of the glass or the workmanship of the repair or replacement. We make sure your policyholders have the clearest view through their windshield as well. Once our technicians are finished with the windshield, they can install new wiper blades.

While experts recommend replacing blades every six months to 6,000 miles, a windshield chip could age them more quickly. It causes tiny tears to the blade that result in bothersome and potentially dangerous streaks across the glass.

Our technicians keep new wiper blades with them, so replacing them is fast. Plus, remember that your policyholder might not have to pay for the blades.  You may want to review their policy to see if it covers the cost of wiper blades or if there is a rider that can be added.

As a bonus, visibility isn’t the only thing that new wipers improve. When customers have new blades installed at the end of their windshield repair or replacement appointment, we see a lift in NPS. A higher NPS is usually a sign of higher satisfaction — with Safelite and the agent who recommended us — and a great feeling to leave your policyholders with after they deal with glass damage.