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As the leaders in the auto glass repair and replacement industry, it is our duty to help protect the environment for future generations by leading by example.

Our glass recycling footprint

Our local and global presence moves us to monitor our environmental footprint through our glass recycling program, as it is important not only to the planet, but to our loyal customers. Because of that dedication, we remain committed to reducing our impact on the environment and do so in a few ways.

It starts with our windshield glass recycling footprint.

6+ million windshields diverted from landfills

Since 2012, we’ve recycled 6.1 million windshields or more than 107,000 tons that have stayed out of landfills. That’s the equivalent of 18,000 elephants or nearly half the global population.

If you were to place those recycled windshields side by side, they’d stretch over 5,700 miles, from our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio all the way to Tokyo.

In 2016, we recycled more than 30,000 tons alone, and each year we’ve increased our recycling efforts by more than 20 percent.

During the recycling process, the windshield glass is separated and processed by our partner Shark Glass Recycling North America. It is then recycled into raw materials used to create new fiberglass insulation and carpet backing. Who knew your damaged windshield could find a new life keeping your home warm or floor covered?

Auto glass recycling impact goes beyond the landfill

The potential to help reduce our carbon footprint is vast due to our large local and global presence. This is because recycled glass can be substituted for up to 95 percent of raw materials.

But, what direct benefits can we see from the 107,000 tons of glass waste saved from landfills since 2012?

Carbon dioxide is one of the environment’s worst enemies. For every six tons of recycled glass, one ton of carbon dioxide is reduced. Here’s the math behind the impact of Safelite’s glass recycling program

107,000 tons of glass = 17,833 tons of CO2 saved, the equivalent of:

  • The annual emissions of 3,417 vehicles on the road
  • The emissions of 1.8 million gallons of gasoline consumed
  • The emissions from 1,708 homes’ energy for one year

Why it matters

By choosing Safelite, you are helping to do your part to reduce landfills, improve climate problems, save energy and improve the economy. Because Safelite cares, and we are doing our part.

When you've suffered windshield damage that needs auto glass replacement, schedule your appointment today and know that we're reusing the glass on your vehicle in a way to benefit the environment. 

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