safelite replaces ford windshields

Ford windshield replacements

When you experience windshield and auto glass damage on your Ford, get it fixed as soon as possible. Safelite helps you get your Ford looking brand new again with windshield repair or replacement.

Our technicians are familiar with Ford auto glass and experienced in repairing and replacing damaged glass.

Safelite has serviced over 700,000 Ford vehicles.

There are many causes of broken auto glass, and most of the time they’re not directly your fault. When the damage to your windshield affects your ability to drive safety, Safelite is here to help. With over 700 locations in all 50 states, you can trust the experience of our technicians to ensure your Ford receives the best treatment.

Ford is one of the most popular American vehicle sellers with millions on the road. When you need Ford windshield replacement, schedule an appointment today.


Trust the safety and reliability of Safelite


Safelite replaces Ford windshields

Fixing Ford auto glass

Safelite technicians have experience with replacement. We’ve serviced the Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Explorer, Escape, F-150 and F-Series, and many more. You need a technician that has experience with your Ford model auto glass.

At Safelite, make an appointment at your convenience. We’ll travel to you, or you can find your local Safelite shop to schedule service. We service over six million customers annually, and five of our models we fix most frequently are Fords. Let us help you replace your Ford windshield with expert service.

How much will a Ford windshield replacement cost?

When it comes to auto glass replacement, much of the work is conducted between Safelite and your insurance carrier.  If you notice a chip or crack—even a minor crack—in your windshield, get a quote from Safelite. We help ensure you get the best service at the best prices.

Ford F-Series trucks are the best-selling trucks in America, while their sedans are competitive with the leading manufacturers. The cost of replacing Ford auto glass will vary depending on the year and model and the technology incorporated into the windshield.

If your rain sensor or advanced safety system needs recalibration, Safelite can provide that service.

As the leading auto glass service company in the United States, Safelite is here when you need us. Our commitment to customer service ensures you receive the best treatment. With convenient scheduling and mobile auto glass service available, let our technicians help you remain safe with a new or repaired windshield.

All of our windshield and auto glass services are completed at the highest standard to help Ford owners spanning all 50 states maintain safety behind the wheel. Schedule your appointment today.