Tesla Model X windshield repair & replacement

We love the Tesla Model X, and not just because it has the largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production. The Tesla Model X is propelling the EV industry forward at neck-snapping speed (hello, Ludicrous Mode!).

Yet, even with groundbreaking EV tech like its Full Self-Driving Capability, the Model X still can’t stop before—or steer around—a rock that pops up, smacks that huge windshield, and puts a serious crack in your day.

Tesla Model X windshield replacements

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What are my Tesla Model X service options?

If you’ve suffered a rock chip, crack, severe weather damage, or some other surprise, you shouldn’t wait until the damage becomes a danger. When chip happens, rely on the expertise from Safelite for your Tesla windshield repair or replacement. Get a quote and schedule an appointment online.

Glass damage is never expected or convenient. But getting it fixed should be. You can visit your nearest Safelite shop or our mobile auto glass service can come to you. We’ll work around your schedule to make things as convenient as we can, quickly getting you and your Model X back on the road. Most of the time, in just a few hours.

Experts in Tesla Model X glass replacement

Designed around the driver and for the future, the Model X is the safest, smartest SUV ever, incorporating a suite of active and passive safety equipment to keep you safe. Some of these advanced driver assistance systems depend on proper auto glass installation to function properly.

Our skilled technicians are trained to accurately and efficiently re-align these systems’ components after windshield replacement—and have done so tens of thousands of times.

For Tesla windshield and window replacement, we only use glass from leading manufacturers, installed using our proprietary TrueSeal™ system and backed by the Safelite Advantage.

When only a repair is needed, our exclusive resin helps strengthen and solidify your Model X’s glass, and your repair is backed by our Nationwide Lifetime Guarantee.

Either way, you can feel safe and confident your Model X hasn’t just been repaired to Safelite standards, but to yours as well.

Tesla Model X windshield replacement cost

At Safelite, we understand that cost is an important consideration for various auto glass services, including windshield replacement, side mirror replacement, windshield chip repair, windshield crack repair, and the cost of a new windshield for your Tesla Model X. We offer competitive pricing options for all your auto glass needs without compromising on the quality and safety of our work. No matter the extent to your windshield or side window damage, trust Safelite for cost-effective solutions and exceptional service to meet your auto glass needs. Schedule an appointment for your Tesla Model X windshield service to learn more about our pricing options and experience the value of Safelite's expertise.

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