Top Ten Markets with Customer Service Rankings


COLUMBUS, Ohio - April 4, 2011 - Safelite AutoGlass®, the nation’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services, continuously tracks customer satisfaction and is pleased to announce the top 10 markets with the highest scores in honor of April being Customer Loyalty Month.

  1. Boise
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Jackson
  4. Ontario
  5. Greenville
  6. Baton Rouge
  7. Sacramento
  8. Columbus
  9. Anchorage
  10. Chicago

Safelite AutoGlass® uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology to measure customer satisfaction. NPS is determined by asking customers, “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” Subtract your percentage of detractors (those that have a negative opinion) from your percentage of promoters (those that love you) and you get your NPS. The maximum score is 100, however, average companies have a 5-10 percent NPS, according to Fred Reichheld in “The Ultimate Question.”

The average score of the top 10 Safelite® markets is 88.1 percent, while nationwide, the company average is 84 percent, which still ranks among the nation’s best companies.

“According to Satmetrix, the top 2011 rated company had a score of 87, which most of our top 10 markets have beat,” said Tom Feeney, president and CEO of Safelite AutoGlass®. “We’re proud to see we’re delivering on our promise of customer delight.”

Dave Ross is the general manager for Safelite’s No. 1 ranked NPS market, Boise, Idaho. He points to communication as his key to success. “There is a lot of employee communication about what they all need to do in order to succeed. Scores this high require a personal commitment to honoring our pledge to achieve customer delight,” Ross said.

“Safelite® began its journey toward improving customer delight several years ago, beginning with developing a compelling and strategic company vision. Thanks to a performance management program, including the sharing of best practices and outstanding internal communications, our employees have brought this vision to life,” said Rich Harrison, senior vice president and chief operating officer at Safelite AutoGlass®. “The strategy to delight every customer, every time resonates with our people. Our people believe it is the right thing to do. In fact, this is no longer an ‘initiative’ at our company, but rather the way we work each and every day. You can see it and feel it in all of our markets across the United States.”

About Safelite AutoGlass®
Safelite AutoGlass®, founded in 1947, is the nation’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services, providing mobile service to more than 95 percent of the U.S. population in all 50 states. The Columbus, Ohio-based company employs nearly 10,000 people across the United States and served more 4 million customers last year through its company-owned operations.

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