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Getting Your Hyundai Auto Glass Fixed 

Auto glass damage sometimes cannot be avoided. Whether dealing with cruel weather or running into debris while driving, a chip or crack is not out of the question. Safelite fixes all Hyundai windshields in an efficient manner.

Safelite services thousands of Hyundai vehicles each year.

Our technicians are present in every state and we cover over 97% of the Unites States. There is a technician ready to help make sure your Hyundai auto glass is strong and sturdy after each service. As an award-winning manufacturer with great quality and value, Hyundai’s are prominent on the road.

When your windshield and vehicle glass are damaged, get in touch with Safelite.

Trust the safety and reliability of Safelite


Safelite replaces Hyundai windshields

Strengthening your Hyundai windshield

If your windshield experiences a crack or chip, you need to receive service as quickly as possible before damage spreads. Safelite has the expertise with Hyundai glass to provide efficient services.

We work around your schedule and conduct mobile auto glass service where a technician will travel to your location. Through flexible appointment availabilities, you can schedule service at your convenience and won’t have to take time out of your day to wait for your windshield to be replaced.

As one of the fastest growing carmakers around the world, our technicians routinely work on Hyundai auto glass, repairing and replacing the windshields and side windows so you feel safe in your vehicle. Find your local Safelite store when you have damage and make an appointment before the chip or crack worsens.


What is the cost of Hyundai windshield replacement?

With Hyundai putting their focus on safety and reliability in each new model, there are an increasing amount of the vehicles on the road. The cost of Hyundai windshield repair and replacement varies based on many factors.

  • Where the glass damage is located
  • Model year
  • Scope and size of the damage

It can happen at any time. When there’s a chip or crack, Safelite works with your insurance provider to find the best resolution for your situation. Most of the time, a repair can be completed to your Hyundai vehicle with no cost to you.

If the damage is more severe and you require complete replacement services, there may be some out-of-pocket cost you’re responsible for after your insurance deductible. Prices vary from driver to driver and Hyundai to Hyundai as it depends on the size of the damage.

Receive an accurate and quick quote through Safelite to help you make the right decision for your auto glass service.

Safelite technicians incorporate the best materials into each job, working diligently and quickly to help you maintain safety behind the wheel. Windshield damage can be a headache, but Safelite completes the Hyundai windshield replacement in under an hour so you can get on with your day.

Our goal is to provide a stress-free experience through the appointment.

Safelite has over 700 locations nationwide and is ready to help fix your glass. When your Hyundai suffers damage, schedule an appointment with us.