Tesla windshield replacement

As a Tesla owner, you’re driving one of the most innovative vehicles on the road today, from the world’s top-selling EV manufacturer. But even as the industry moves us closer to a world with fewer harmful environmental emissions, reduced noise pollution and a better overall driving experience, the potential for glass damage will unfortunately always be a reality.

Chips and cracks happen. And when they do, it’s important that you take quick action in order to stay safe and avoid further damage.  We make it easy to get a quote and schedule an appointment online.


Safelite technicians works with Tesla auto glass

Tesla windshield repair and replacement

Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians have extensive experience with all Tesla models. They’ll quickly and efficiently repair or replace your Tesla auto glass, ensuring that you can get back behind the wheel with all systems “go.”

And when a full windshield replacement is called for, an ever-growing number of our shop locations are equipped with the specialized technology to recalibrate the forward-facing camera and sensors that operate your vehicle’s advanced driver safety features – usually in the the same appointment for a true one-stop experience and maximum safety.

You drive the best, so of course you want the best for your Tesla when it comes to service. The fact that our technicians repair or replace tens of thousands of Tesla windshields each year speaks for itself. Schedule with Safelite today.


Tesla windshield repair and replacement

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What are my Tesla service options?

When to get Tesla auto glass service 

Whether you’ve suffered a rock chip, severe weather damage, or some other unexpected surprise, you can rely on our technicians’ Tesla windshield replacement expertise and confidently book your appointment today.

Tesla windshield replacement cost

The cost of a windshield replacement for your Tesla can vary depending on several factors, including the type of glass required, any additional features like rain sensors or heating elements, and the recalibration that your Tesla needs. We assess your vehicle’s damage and provide you with the best price based on your unique auto glass needs, from full windshield replacements to side mirror replacements. With Safelite, you can trust you’re receiving reliable service at a fair and affordable cost. Schedule your appointment today.

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