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Windshield replacement as caring as your Toyota Prius 

You drive a Toyota Prius because you care, and so do the windshield replacement specialists at Safelite AutoGlass®. Get a quote now or find your nearest Safelite shop.


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What are my Toyota Prius service options?

Do you love your Toyota Prius? Perhaps you’re drawn to the innovative design, love the lower gas mileage or enjoy the whisper-quiet yet zippy drive of your Prius. Maybe you’re drawn to all of these factors and more! Regardless, we know that you’ll want to get back to life with your Prius as soon as possible!

When your Toyota Prius’s windshield or auto glass is damaged, trust Safelite AutoGlass® to help. We know how to expertly fix your Toyota Prius’s windshield and auto glass when the unexpected happens.

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Get back to cruising, road-tripping, and enjoying life with family and friends in your Toyota Prius! 

Prius auto glass repair and replacement is our specialty. We’re a full-service, nationally trusted brand with over 7,200 MobileGlassShops™ and physical shop locations throughout the United States. We’re guaranteed to have specialists wherever you and your Toyota Prius are when you need help- fast!

Count on us to provide premium and convenient auto glass repair services for your Toyota Prius. Let’s get you back on the road- fast! Find a Safelite shop near you.

How much does Toyota Prius windshield replacement cost? 

To get you an accurate price for your Toyota Prius windshield, we will consider the size of the glass damage, whether full auto glass replacement or windshield repair is required, and other factors related to your Toyota Prius’s age, model, and associated built-in technologies. We partner with hundreds of insurance companies for fast, reliable, affordable windshield repair and replacement.  

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Toyota Prius windshield repair and replacement for every model 

Prius C

Prius Prime

Prius L Eco

Prius LE

Prius XLE

Prius Limited

Toyota Prius windshield replacement and repair services you can trust  

Whether it’s the hybrid technology that leaves a minimal impact on the planet or the roomy hatchback environment of your Toyota Prius, we know you love your vehicle. Rest assured that Safelite has you and your car’s best interests at hand. We are the safest auto glass replacement and repair partner for your Toyota Prius. Why?  

  • We’re the most trusted auto glass repair company in the nation.
  • Safelite services 97% of the United States from over 7,200 MobileGlassShops™ and physical shop locations.
  • We’re a national brand that provides a personal, custom service. 

We know your Prius! The Safelite team has the most experienced and skilled auto glass repair specialists in the country. We’ll fix your Toyota Prius windshield or window glass quickly and accurately.   

Your Toyota Prius is fun to drive, environmentally responsible, and a perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. You can trust our expert technicians to provide high-quality auto glass solutions for your Toyota Prius.

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