A guide to truck slider glass

When you hear the term slider glass for automobiles, it is referring to the type of auto glass found on trucks, and are also known as truck slider windows. Some types of truck slider windows are made of safety glass. These auto glass windows are held in place and secured by metal or plastic latches inside the vehicle.

For pickup trucks, these windows are an important component to keeping drivers safe. Additionally, they provide a cool breeze from the back of the truck on warm spring or summer days.

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What are truck sliders?

If you have a pickup truck, chances are you have a truck slider. These sliding windows, when making a comparison to other types of auto glass, most resemble a rear windshield. This provides a rear viewport for truck drivers whose passenger cabins are shorter than the typical passenger cabin of sedans, coupes, SUVs, and other vehicles.

It also acts like a rear windshield in that the panes are fully contoured to the shape of the vehicle with aluminum frames, providing structural support to the roof of the truck cabin. However, truck sliders are typically sealed in with rubber seals that are air- and water-tight to keep out the elements.

On pickup trucks, you’ll notice the rear sliding window, and it could be in clear glass or solar glass, depending on the driver’s wishes.

What are some features of truck sliders?

Truck sliders are customizable for each vehicles’ make and model. Customization comes from the number of window panels and how many slide open to vent the truck, as well as how the panes are secured and latched.

  • Tri-panel truck sliders typically have one window panel that slides open to vent.
  • Four-panel truck sliders have two windows that slide along the track, what’s known as “duo-venting” truck sliders, and gives the widest possible opening.

The type of tempered or safety glass used in truck sliders can be customized as well, allowing drivers to choose from solar privacy glass which helps reduce interior heat build-up or privacy tints.

When installing the truck sliders, urethane adhesives are used for a positive bond. When your sliding window on the truck is damaged, replacements are simple with the rubber seals. If you have windshield damage that needs replacement, or require side car window repair on your truck, call our technicians for prompt services.

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