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Belron US to Change Corp. Name to Safelite Group

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Belron® US has changed its corporate name to Safelite® Group as part of its brand building strategy, it was announced today by Tom Feeney, president and CEO.

"Since we became Belron® US in 2007, our people have demonstrated a great deal of pride in our company and our association with Belron®," Feeney said. "As a result, we have inadvertently introduced Belron® US as a brand into the market place."

According to Feeney, the company is investing heavily to build the Safelite AutoGlass® brand.

"We want consumers who have vehicle glass damage to think of us first, just like coffee drinkers think Starbucks when they want a latte or espresso," Feeney said. "By promoting Belron® US in the marketplace we are hurting our Safelite® brand building efforts. Every time a customer sees Belron® US it is one opportunity we've lost to build the Safelite AutoGlass® brand. This change to Safelite® Group better aligns our corporate name with what our customers see and what we want them to recognize - Safelite AutoGlass®."

According to Feeney, the company's retail brands (Safelite AutoGlass®, Elite Auto Glass®, Auto Glass Specialists®, Cindy Rowe Auto GlassTM, Diamond-Triumph GlassTM and Auto Glass Center®); third party administrator brands (Safelite® Solutions and Alliance Claims SolutionsTM); wholesale brand (Service AutoGlass®); and manufacturing brand (Safelite® Glass Corp.) remain the same.

"We are still owned by Belron®. This change is part of our branding strategy, not a change in ownership," Feeney said. "This is an exciting time for our company as we invest in advertising and build the Safelite® brand into one of the premier brands in the U.S. regardless of the category."

About Safelite® Group
Safelite® Group, a subsidiary of Belron®, is a multi-faceted vehicle glass and claims management service organization based in Columbus, Ohio. The company, which has been in business since 1947, is comprised of four major business operations that include vehicle glass repair and replacement services, operating under the trade names Safelite AutoGlass®, Auto Glass Specialists®, Cindy Rowe Auto GlassTM, Diamond Triumph GlassTM, Elite Auto Glass® and the Auto Glass Center® family of brands; Safelite® Solutions and Alliance Claims Solutions which offer fleet and insurance claims management services; Service AutoGlass®, a wholesale and distribution operation; and Safelite Glass Corp., a manufacturing and distribution business unit. The company employs more than 9,000 people throughout the United States.

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