Your guide to shade bands and sun visor strips

When you’re driving, do you routinely drop the sun visor and adjust your seating position to help block the sun from your eyes? Did you know that there are visor tints and sun shade strips that can be placed on your windshield to help you see better?

Does my vehicle have a shade band?

Looking at your windshield, if there is a 3”-6” strip of darker tinted glass at the top of the windshield where it meets the roof, then your vehicle has a shade band. Because this feature of the car or truck is not mandatory for driving on the road, take note if your vehicle has one, as they are not standard.

The purpose of a shade band is to provide protection from the glare drivers see from the sun. This sun visor strip is placed below the roof and just above your interior windshield visor. The goal of the strip is to block the sun while not obstructing your view.

How does the shade band help me when I’m driving?

Windshields are not completely clear and are often tinted to diminish the intensity of sunlight on your eyes when driving. The shade band, also known as the sun strip, is there to diffuse the sunlight in your eyes on a sunny day and especially just before sundown.

The shade band does not completely block out the light, as nothing should never fully obstruct your view of the road ahead. Depending on the auto maker, colors vary from gray to green to blue and many other sun-reducing shades.

There is a tremendous value add when you have a window tint strip on your windshield. Minimize the effect that the sun has on your eyes. Contact us for car sun visor replacement.

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