What is a rain sensor? Does my car have a rain sensor?

There are a few easy ways to tell if you have a rain sensor system installed in your vehicle. If your vehicle’s windshield wipers have turned on automatically in the past, your vehicle definitely has a rain sensor system. You can confirm by looking for the square panel where the rearview mirror is mounted on the front windshield. Rain sensors and light sensors usually appear very similar. Some cars may have one or the other, or both.The rain sensor is also typically adjacent to the light sensor. This system turns the windshield wipers automatically by detecting rain on the windshield.


How does my windshield know it’s raining?

Your car’s sensors can tell it is raining by measuring how many rain drops are on the windshield. The sensor detects the light reflected back internally by the windshield glass, so if there was more raindrops on the windshield, the less light would be reflected back to the sensor. The vehicle senses how much rain is on the windshield, speeding up the windshield wipers according to the amount of rain it detects. The sensor itself is mounted on a special bracket behind the vehicle’s rearview mirror and wired through the roof. If your windshield needs replacing and the rain sensor is intact, be sure to tell your auto glass specialist so they can reattach it when replacing the windshield.

How does the rain sensor help with driving?

The rain sensor helps keep you safe as well as other drivers. Paying attention to the road in front of you can be difficult if you are distracted, where even turning on the windshield wipers can be an effort. With a rain sensor, you don’t have to worry about turning on or off your windshield wipers because it is taken care of for you. If your rain sensors are more advanced, they can turn up the speed of the wipers to match the amount of rain on your windshield to improve your sight lines on the road.

Rain Sensors and Replacement

Should you need to replace your windshield or auto glass window, inspect the rain sensor to see if the wiring is intact, as you may need to purchase a new sensor if the wiring is damaged. Acquiring as much information about your vehicle prior to the auto glass service will better inform Safelite technicians in how they can help you replace your auto glass and get you back on the road quickly.

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