Does my vehicle have a heated windshield?

The easiest way to tell is to follow these steps:

  1. Look at the bottom of the windshield where your wipers sit. 
  2. You will see small wires within the glass, much like those seen on rear defrosters. 
  3. In the front windshield, these wires could be hidden, but if they are there then your windshield is heated.

Another way to tell is by a looking on the dashboard or console for a button or indicator, or consult your vehicle’s manual. Most typical heated windshields have a heated wiper park, that resembles and works in conjunction with the back glass defrost.

How does a heated windshield work?

The very thin web of tungsten wire (the same wire used in lightbulbs) layered in the glass are heated up to raise the temperature of the surface of the glass to defrost or melt snow and ice away from the windshield.

While the windshield may not get hot or even warm, it will raise the temperature enough to bring the surface to above freezing so that ice, precipitation, and condensation do not build up, increasing visibility of the road.

Most heated windshield technologies use an electrical element to heat the window, making it easier for your wipers to clear condensation without affecting visibility and leaving streaks on the windshield.

What are the benefits of having a heated windshield?

The main benefits of a heated windshield are clearing away ice and condensation away from the windshield, improving visibility. The added benefit of that is not having to run the heaters or air conditioner to defog the windshield, saving gas and reducing noise levels by eliminating the blowers. This helps you in the long run by paying for gas less often, saving you money.

Even if the temperature outside is above freezing, the inside of the windows can fog up. The fog can potentially be as dangerous and obstructive to your view as snow or ice on your windshield. With heated windshield, you can rid the foggy interior of the glass, giving you a clear view to drive shortly after starting the car.

Heated windshield and replacement

When your heated windshield becomes damaged due to outside conditions, you need to get it repaired quickly so the heated grid system continues to function. When the defogger grid becomes scratched or has a chip, you may not have enough electrical contact to heat the windshield.

In this case, trust the technicians at Safelite for prompt repairs and replacements to get your heated windshield working properly. Plus, our experience with windshield repair keeps you safe on the road.

If your windshield is damaged enough to need replacing, you will need to tell the technicians doing the replacement that you have a heated windshield, so the right glass can be ordered. Typically, the heated windshield system has wires that lead into your car, and if the windshield is being removed for replacement, those can be disconnected and ready for a new windshield.

There are many benefits, especially during the winter, to driving a car with a heated windshield. If you have any questions about possible repair or replacement, get in touch with us today.

Additional glass technologies

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