replacing a kia windshield

Replacing your Kia windshield

Experiencing windshield damage to your Kia is frustrating. Kia’s provide great value and continually earn safety awards and accolades. If you see a crack or chip in your front or rear windshield, or side window glass, let Safelite fix your auto glass.

Safelite services over 100,000 Kia vehicles each year.

There are many causes of broken auto glass, including the weather and flying debris. When it occurs to your windshield, make sure to get the damage fixed before it worsens. Safelite will fix your Kia windshield quickly and efficiently. With over 700 locations across the nation, we’re able to assist all drivers.


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Fixing your Kia windshield

Experienced with Kia auto glass services

With recent improvements to performance, reliability, and eco-friendly options, Kia vehicles have become a presence on the road. From sedans to SUVs and hybrids, Safelite has experience with expert windshield replacements. Our technicians are trusted for prompt service across the country.

Through convenient and flexible scheduling, we work around your day to provide service at the right time for you. When you make an appointment, we ask that you provide your VIN number so we know the exact piece of glass you need. Every year our technicians service more than six million windshields, and Kia has become a manufacturer that we have plenty of experience fixing.

As your Optima, Sportage, or Sephia experiences a chip or crack in the windshield, get it repaired with Safelite. We’ll have you back on the road quickly.


How much does it cost to replace Kia Auto Glass

The total cost for your auto glass service depends on a variety of factors. Safelite works with major insurance carriers to help you get the best price and limit the out-of-pocket cost depending on your plan.

Other factors associated with the final cost of your Kia auto glass service include the scope of the damage, whether a repair can be completed or a replacement is required, and the model year of your vehicle. Plus, newer models that include rain sensors and other technology may require additional cost.

To get an accurate quote for the cost of your service, fill out our online quote form.

Kia has become a popular manufacturer selling vehicles in the United States due to their affordability and reliability. At Safelite, we understand the headaches and frustrations caused by windshield and auto glass damage. We work diligently to help ensure you don’t have to drive with a broken window or cracked windshield longer than you need to.

Kia drivers maintain a presence across the country. Safelite covers 97% of the United States and has appointment availabilities in all 50 states. No matter how the damage was caused or the extent of the chips and cracks, Safelite helps you get the glass fixed. Schedule your appointment today.